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EPS Styropor Mixing Unit Akkaya


Basic Body

During cutting insulating boards from blocks reusable cutting waste is generated which in general becomes recycled. Via the mixing and dosing unit recycled and virgin material is mixed and re-converted to blocks.

A double rotary star valve unit with combined outlet is located below a 10 m³ storage-silo for recycled and a 10 m³ storage-silo for virgin material. The percentage of regrind to the virgin material is step-less adjustable from 5 % to 50% by different rotation speed of the rotary star valves. Electronic speed control of the driving motors guarantees a constant mixing-ratio. By switching off the dosing unit for regrind only virgin material is supplied to the block-mould.

The filling levels of the storage silos get monitored and controlled by level sensors.

Technical Data

  • Flexible silo bag and silo frame. Anti-static silo bag.
  • Anti-corrosion silo frames.
  • Preperation for automatic storage system.
  • Galvanised transport pipes.
  • Custom made silos
  • PLC controlled silo automation.

EPS Tight Packing Machine


Basic Body

Stretch banding/sealing is a cost effective method to create a wrap of PE-film around the sheet bundles for easy handling, securing and adding information.

The sheet bundle is pushed into the machine and takes along a certain amount of film. During the process the film is stretched and sealed together. This results in a highly cost effective use of wrapping material.

The simple and reliable machine allows an operation in manual or automatic mode.


  • 4 pack/min (Pneumatic welding)
  • 8 pack/min (Motorized welding)


  • Machine operation is simple and reliable
  • Wrapping the sheets on 4 sides by pushing them into stretched foil
  • Positioning and fastening of foil and package
  • Forming package by welding and cutting the foil.

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EPP Moulding Machines
Automatic Wire Setting For Horizontal Cutting

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Since 1980 AKKAYA engineers and manufactures machinery for processing expandable Polystyrene (EPS) Intensive exchange of experience with all our customers enabled the engineering of cost-efficient, highly productive, easy to maintain and user friendly machines and production lines - which are exported global since 1990 as well. Our export share above %89 is due to the steady further developments of practical production-systems with the newest technology.

Akkaya has been producing EPP machinery and equipments since 2010, together with Foamatec.  


•Machines and production- lines for the manufacture of EPS- rigid foam insulating boards for ground floor, wall, ceiling and roof.
• Machines and production-lines for the manufacture of EPS-EPP shape mouldings


• Plant layout
• Spare parts supply
• Field installation
• Start-up
• Customer service
• Machine maintenance
• Improvement of production costs
• Staff training
• Design of turn-key production lines


  • Block-moulds in vertical design
  • High efficient Vacuum-systems for block-moulds
  • Cutting-lines for blocks
  • CNC- contour cutting unit
  • Recycling system
  • De-dusting system
  • Dosing and mixing system
  • Tight packing machine for boards
  • Batch- pre-expanders (EPS-EPP)
  • Storage silo systems for indoor and outdoor location
  • Shape moulding machines (EPS-EPP)
  • Take-off and stacking systems for shape moulding machines
  • High efficient central Vacuum-systems for shape moulding machines
  • Central material supply systems for shape moulding machines
  • Turn-key production lines for block and shape moulding production
  • Container type (mobile) production facilities


Our company’s quality policy;

To provide continuous customer satisfaction by using today's technology in the most appropriate way, to meet the demands of the customers with the optimum cost and in the desired term.
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Styropor silo system Akkaya


General Information

We design and deliver manual operated, semi-automatic and fully automatic controlled silo plants for storage and aging of pre-expanded EPS and EPP and for recycled material as well. Silo-bags - sewn of antistatic synthetic fabric - can be delivered in tailored sizes from 1.5 m³ to 150 m³.
The very flexible and corrosion-resistant modular silo frames design allows the installation of cost-saving in-door and out-door silo plants.


More Advantages

  • Flexible silo bag and silo frame
  • Anti-static silo bag
  • Anti-corrosion silo frames
  • Preperation for automatic storage system
  • Galvanised transport pipes
  • Custom made silos
  • PLC controlled silo automation



       Features and Advantages

       SILO BAGS


  • Antistatic Polyester Material (Made in Germany)
  • Custom made silo bags
  • Silo-bag sewn of synthetic permeable to gas fabric, color similar to white in antistatic design (Electrostatic discharges are via woven carbon threads-not steel threads!)
  • Silo top-cover with large filter cloth sections for optimal dust free venting
  • Silo-inlet suitable for feeding pipes 200-250 mm i.d. (or as per requirement)
  • Silo-outlet suitable for Akkaya- Silo-outlets for block or shape moulding production (or as per requirement)
  • Two (2) inlets on side for level control sensors (min/max level)
  • Zipper in the cone part for complete silo-cleanout


  • Corrosion protected 1 layer primer painted 
  • Custom Made Silo Frames
  • Produced by round pipe or rectangular profile which is calculated and designed according to the silo volume. It is protected by anti-rust

Before                                                                                     After  







Basic Body

Working principle of the batch type, to expand a fixed mass of raw material in a fixed volume which enables to reach easily desired density 

Dosing Unit, to weigth the rigth amount of EPS for the adjusted density. Filling to the vessel is done by gravity. 

EPS Styropor Cutting Line


Basic Body

AKKAYA EPS cutting line, equipped with oscillating cutting, rigid body, precise cutting properties. Modular system enables the line for upgrade whenever necessary, operator friendly control system for large productions.

Special designed hot wire oscillation, has an automatic speed control system during cutting. This gives the change for fast cutting without any wire break. This option installed only on horizontal cutting station.

With long stroke oscillation and adjustable oscillation speed guarantees the fastest cutting speed at all time with a smooth surface.

PLC control system SIEMENS S7-including 15’’ touch color display enables the operator to watch all the process parameters during cutting. Recipe and production parameters can be stored, recall or moved to any place via memory stick on the PLC or network.

Horizontal cutting unit equipped with wire break system, which stops the cutting for broken wire.


Block Loading Unit

System can be placed 90º with the suitable location for the cutting line direction or in line. The blocks are positioned by operator using the forklift, the roller conveyor has a suitable inlet. When the tilting unit is free each block, moved to tilting unit for start cutting stage. Total length of the unit enables to load up to 5 blocks.


Block Tilting Unit

Block Tilting Unit to feed the cutting line with hydraulically operated platform. The blocks come to the beginning of the line, after centering operation made by pneumatic pushers, the unit lays the block down on the horizontal cutting chain conveyor. The gap between the blocks are 35-40 cm. The block is sent to horizontal cutting unit.


Bottom and Side Scrap Recovery

With vacuum suction device located under the block, rest skin collected with a 1400 mm wide turning roller. The side scrap coming during the cutting, directed via the side cover cabin to under of the line with gravity. The pre-crusher positioned in the end of the coveyor recycles the scrap and send to recycling unit.

Top Scrap Recovery

Equipped with vacuum suction unit, the skin come out from the top of the blockmould collected via 1400 mm conveyor, then with chain drive directed to pre-crusher located on the top side of the cutting line. The pre-crushed material transferred through a fan to the recycling system.


Auto Wire Setting Unit

Horizontal cutting unit with oscillation has an automatic wire setting system with servo motors. The wires set very fast, to desired thickness. With the oscillation cutting, the material consumption is less, and smooth surface on the sheets. With the robot servo controlled, wires set to position and locked via pneumatic air lock. Wire setting unit can set 62 wires, less than 2 minutes. The total heigth of the unit is around 4 meters. The auto wire setting can be used for minimum 10 mm wire thickness without any human intervention This system equipped with AWP (auto wire protection) automatic cutting speed control. The blocks on the chain conveyor cut with maximum speed at all time, but when the wires start to get tension due to cutting speed, this system detecs the tension and slow the speed until the tensin is finished. The system operates with PID control, which increase and decrease the cutting speed when needed. This helps for the wires long life and better surface quality on the sheets.


Automatic De-stacking Unit

This unit can be used together with the auto wire setting option. After the vertical cutting stage, the packs come on the final motorized conveyor and prepared to enter the de-stacker. According to the wire thickness, the unit recognize the sheet thickness and quantity to adjust the rigth numbered eps packs. After the packs are done, via a motorized conveyor it is driven in the packing machine. The machine operates with two packs size.


Quick Mould Change System

Shape Moulding with hi-tech process control with advantages like, fast mould change system with a clamping frame galvanized. Mould change within 15 minutes.

Roboust body with complete milling job is done with all parts.Guide bars 2-4 pieces according to the size of the machine.

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  • Foamatec Gmbh / Central Europa
  • Burry Trading / France and N.Africa
  • EPS Production Tech. / Balkan's
  • Europlast Handelsgesellschaft M.B.H.A / Austuria
  • Libero Piscitelli / Italy and S.America
  • Eugen Krebs / Ukraine

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Since 1980 AKKAYA engineers and manufactures machinery for processing expandable Polystyrene (EPS) Intensive exchange of experience with all our customers enabled the engineering of cost-efficient, highly productive, easy to maintain and user friendly machines and production lines...