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EPS Block Moulding Machine


Basic Body

Blockmould is designed in vertical sahpe, with only one side openning which ensures the steam and vacuum tigthness 100% during the process. This is also needed for the pressure sertification and during operation machine needs less service. Predefined dimensions on the blockmould and working pressure indictes that the unit is a kind of pressure vessel (box) which has to be made from special material, afterwards verified by an inspector. (TUV-BureuVeritas) The certificates for inpection will be delivered together with the machine and this protects the buyer and the seller from the future problems against labour issiues.

The machine is made with fix walls, according to the demand we can also offer adjustable walls. Machine steam chamber made of stainless steel wedge wires (SSWW) means has an openning surface of steaming 12%. This accelerates the steam and vacuum cycles and in the end cycle time shortens. The plates connected with 6 screws, easy to service when needed.

Filling Silo

Filling silo located behind the machine, level is controlled by level sensors automatically. The unit stops the machine when there is not sufficient material avaliable in the silo. Includes all the piping material pipies diameter 250 mm, from the silo till filling injector on the top of the machine. There is a slide under the silo which allows to take the raw material back to the silos when needed via transfer fan. Optionally filling silo can be equipped with a filter inside and an exit on the side of the silo to collect the dust in a plastic bag.

Vacuum Unit

With the help of the vacuum, machine has a homogenous fusion inside the block and it helps to reduce the cycle time. The water which is accumulated in the vacuum system evacuated without water pumps-means that it brings advantage on the electrical consumption. Cylindrical vacuum tank, vertically positioned next to blockmould steam/water condenser.

Material Unloading Conveyor

Unit equipped with an electronic scale, measures the weigth of the blocks which comes out from the block mould. It moves together with the door of the machine and located 90⁰ against the exit side of the mcahine. Blocks are moved on a stainless steel chain and if needed datas can be printed on the block during this time via inkjet printer.

Block Elevator

After the unloading conveyor, block needed to be transported to storage. This unit brings the blocks down to floor with hydraulic movement to be transproted with a simple transpallet operated by a person. Unit has a housing which let the transpallets to go under the block easily. Delivered together with a roller conveyor with a 3 pieces block capacity.

Control panel

Main cabinet with security lock main swicth PLC SIEMENS S7 serie Touch screen panel size 10.1”, operator friendly functions, showing the process operations with simulation Production datas can be stored as Receipe on the panel or can be transferred, loaded any time needed. Showing the steam and foam pressure diagram enables to follow the process steps easily.

Features and Advantages  

  • Fully Automatic,Vertical Type, CE Certification
  • One side openning door which ensures the steam and vacuum tigthness 100 % during the process.


Production capacity

  •  15-20 block/hour - 15 kg/m3 density
  • Machine Color: RAL 5012 Ligth Blue
  • Automatic Filling Silo with vacuum blower
  • Foam Deloading Conveyor with weighing system
  • Complete body insulated by Glasswool
  • Blockmould elevator and exit conveyor for 4 pcs blocks
  • PLC Automation System (Siemens-Germany)
  • Color Touch Screen Panel size 12.2” (Siemens-Germany)
  • Receipe Menu 99 pcs
  • 2 pcs Foam Pressure Control (Jumo-Germany)
  • Automatic Feeding Injector, Blow-Back Spec. Diameter Ø250-1 pc
  • Steam Pres. Control Valve (Gemu-Germany)
  • Pneumatic Control Unit (Festo-Germany)
  • Steam Chamber Walls made by AISI 304 Stainless Steel Wedge Wire (MADE IN Belgium)
  • Hydraulic System (PARKER-Germany)
  • Filling Control Switch
  • Printing Module (RS232)
  • Internet Service Module (Siemens-Germany) - optional
  • Production Reporting Module (Siemens-Germany)
  • Steam, Foam, Production Diagram (Siemens-Germany)
  • Homogenous Block density (+/- 3%)
  • Low energy consumption and high output

Features and Advantages  

  • CE Certification 
  • As an alternative to the standard vacuum units, the new type dry vacuum system is used without condenser.The system which has closed-circuit cooling system, equipped with 2 heat exchanger unit. With this system, water loss and the need for cooling towers disappeared, With high efficient dry vacuum system, it is possible to produce dry and lower internal tensioned blocks. System will be designed according to blockmould machine.
  • Cylindirical Vacuum Tank 5-10 m3
  • Steam/air exchanger
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Water/air exchanger and closed water circuit for vacuum pumps.
  • Condenser water seperation system.
  • Piping and pneumatic butterfly valve group.




Machine is produced with adjustable walls with hydraulic drive.
Machine steam chamber made of slots. 3 different openning % for slots different for each plate. This accelerates the steam and vacuum cycles and in the end cycle time shortens. The plates connected with 6 screws, easy to service when needed.

Machine filling is done on the top of the mould operated with hydraulic piston, openning diameter 250 mm. This allows fast ad homogenous filling with vacuum. The difference between top and bottom part is max 3% different in density. This brings a big advantage esspecially producing with scrap material.


* Made of thin-wall steel with painted.
* Including 3 pcs of loadcell group integrated on the legs of silo to measure filling weight.
* Silo is equipped with side filter for grey material.
* Cleaning valve to empty the filling pipe from mixing unit to metal silo is included.
* Filling fan from mixing unit is not included.


  • Foamatec Gmbh / Central Europa
  • Burry Trading / France and N.Africa
  • EPS Production Tech. / Balkan's
  • Europlast Handelsgesellschaft M.B.H.A / Austuria
  • Libero Piscitelli / Italy and S.America
  • Eugen Krebs / Ukraine

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