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EPS Tight Packing Machine

EPS Tight Packing Machine


Basic Body

Stretch banding/sealing is a cost effective method to create a wrap of PE-film around the sheet bundles for easy handling, securing and adding information.

The sheet bundle is pushed into the machine and takes along a certain amount of film. During the process the film is stretched and sealed together. This results in a highly cost effective use of wrapping material.

The simple and reliable machine allows an operation in manual or automatic mode.


  • 4 pack/min (Pneumatic welding)
  • 8 pack/min (Motorized welding)


  • Machine operation is simple and reliable
  • Wrapping the sheets on 4 sides by pushing them into stretched foil
  • Positioning and fastening of foil and package
  • Forming package by welding and cutting the foil.