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EPS-EPP Mixing and Dosing Unit

EPS Styropor Mixing Unit Akkaya


Basic Body

During cutting insulating boards from blocks reusable cutting waste is generated which in general becomes recycled. Via the mixing and dosing unit recycled and virgin material is mixed and re-converted to blocks.

A double rotary star valve unit with combined outlet is located below a 10 m³ storage-silo for recycled and a 10 m³ storage-silo for virgin material. The percentage of regrind to the virgin material is step-less adjustable from 5 % to 50% by different rotation speed of the rotary star valves. Electronic speed control of the driving motors guarantees a constant mixing-ratio. By switching off the dosing unit for regrind only virgin material is supplied to the block-mould.

The filling levels of the storage silos get monitored and controlled by level sensors.

Technical Data

  • Flexible silo bag and silo frame. Anti-static silo bag.
  • Anti-corrosion silo frames.
  • Preperation for automatic storage system.
  • Galvanised transport pipes.
  • Custom made silos
  • PLC controlled silo automation.