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EPS-EPP Storage Silos

Styropor silo system Akkaya


General Information

We design and deliver manual operated, semi-automatic and fully automatic controlled silo plants for storage and aging of pre-expanded EPS and EPP and for recycled material as well. Silo-bags - sewn of antistatic synthetic fabric - can be delivered in tailored sizes from 1.5 m³ to 150 m³.
The very flexible and corrosion-resistant modular silo frames design allows the installation of cost-saving in-door and out-door silo plants.


More Advantages

  • Flexible silo bag and silo frame
  • Anti-static silo bag
  • Anti-corrosion silo frames
  • Preperation for automatic storage system
  • Galvanised transport pipes
  • Custom made silos
  • PLC controlled silo automation



       Features and Advantages

       SILO BAGS


  • Antistatic Polyester Material (Made in Germany)
  • Custom made silo bags
  • Silo-bag sewn of synthetic permeable to gas fabric, color similar to white in antistatic design (Electrostatic discharges are via woven carbon threads-not steel threads!)
  • Silo top-cover with large filter cloth sections for optimal dust free venting
  • Silo-inlet suitable for feeding pipes 200-250 mm i.d. (or as per requirement)
  • Silo-outlet suitable for Akkaya- Silo-outlets for block or shape moulding production (or as per requirement)
  • Two (2) inlets on side for level control sensors (min/max level)
  • Zipper in the cone part for complete silo-cleanout


  • Corrosion protected 1 layer primer painted 
  • Custom Made Silo Frames
  • Produced by round pipe or rectangular profile which is calculated and designed according to the silo volume. It is protected by anti-rust

Before                                                                                     After