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EPP In Our Daily Life


     EPP has several other advantages, useful in many fields

  •  flexible
  • resistant to mechanical fatigue
  • high shock absorbing capacity
  • non-toxic, inert and sterilizable
  • easy to produce, process and ship
  • non-polluting and recyclable
  • solvent resistant
  • floats

Expanded polypropylene (EPP) Suspension stabilisation In contrast to the styrene in the EPS process, propylene is directly polymerised and then granulated. In order to make the resulting PP granules expandable, they are suspended in water via pressure and a high temperature, and impregnated with a foaming agent. After this step, the resulting EPP granules can be processed further in the same way as EPS beads. 

EPP products can be found in anything ranging from pharmaceutical products via food to flame retardants. Their positive properties contribute to increased health and safety in your daily life. The foam produced from polypropylene (PP) is elastic, shockproof and has a particularly pleasant feel. It is used in a range of hardness levels for the production of training shoes, car seats and even furniture, for example, to guarantee a soft landing. EPP is also popular for highquality thermal insulation packaging and shockproof packaging.

EPP is very similar to EPS, because it is also obtained from rigid polymer beads heat expansion, resulting in a closed cell structure. However, it has a better shape memory, giving it greater resilience and allowing it to deform without breaking. Expanded Polypropylene is used extensively in automotive and specialized components indutries, primarily because of its resilience qualities. 

The use of Expanded Polypropylene is not limited to electronic devices packaging or car bumpers. Several other applications are possible in security and protection, sports and recreation, shipping and handling, OEM and many others domains.From protecting fresh food and insulating buildings, to the manufacture of crash resistant safety products and transportation of temperature sensitive medications, EPP plays a vital role in our daily lives.